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View our guided and self-guided 'Walking' holidays in Italy, the Italian Alps and on the Italian Riviera.View our 'Adventure and Activity' holidays in Italy, the Italian Alps and on the Italian Riviera.View our guided and self-guided 'Explore Italy' holidays in Italy and on the Italian Riviera.View our 'Ski Italy' ski holidays in the Italian Alps.
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View our 'Short Break' holidays in Italy, the Italian Alps and on the Italian Riviera.View our selection of 'Nice Places to Stay' in Italy, the Italian Alps and on the Italian Riviera.View our guided and self-guided 'Festive Break' holidays in Italy, the Italian Alps and on the Italian Riviera.
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Xtrallusion Holidays offer a variety of adventure, sightseeing and walking holidays in Italy - a specialist holiday company that focuses primarily on independent holidays to some of the lesser known areas of natural beauty and touristic interest. Our holidays are primarily in Liguria and on the Italian Riviera.

Independent, self-guided and guided walking holidays.
Independent, self-guided sightseeing holidays.
Escorted adventure and activity holidays
Skiing holidays.
Independent holidays in a variety of particularly nice places to stay.
Festive break holidays.
Guided and supported paragliding holidays.
A photo library of Italy.
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We spent five days over the New Year walking the Levante Riviera coast around Sestri Levante. It was fantastic to take a short flight and transfer to a lovely family hotel, mountains on one side sea on the other. Xtrallusion provides a very thorough walking itinerary, choose your walks, jump on the train for 10-20 minutes and you are off. There is time for exploring the coastal towns as well as having a good days walking. It is all so easy, without feeling that you have been organised. It was just what we needed - fresh air, peace and quiet, breathtaking views, a range of walks, local trains and a typical Italian family run hotel. Thank you - I am sure we will be back. Karen Stamper, Cambridge, England.

We believe our itineraries allow you to explore, discover and enjoy the region with the feeling of an independent traveller. Read
our Testimonials page to see what our customers have said about their holidays with us.
We are continually expanding our portfolio of holiday itineraries, always staying in charming accommodation in areas well worth the visit.

We are a new company, established in 2001, and continually invest much time and effort in promoting our services. We believe in maintaining a sharp focus on quality, offering the independent traveller holiday options that they cannot easily obtain through the large tour operators or just by searching the web. We also endeavour to provide a level of personal and informed customer service which isn't so easy to find these days.

Our philosophy on tourism can be simply described.

We work with small, family run businesses. For example, if the owners aren't part of the day to day life of a hotel or guest house, and the hotel is run by staff in corporate uniform, we prefer not to select them as places to stay.

We try to make the most of existing local infrastructure - many of our holidays use the extensive, regular and cheap railway network.

The majority of our team is based in Liguria with a small part-time office in the UK. Over the past few years together, we have been working hard to establish and develop Xtrallusion. We advertise regularly in UK magazines and national papers, and are increasing our web traffic month by month. We particularly wish to provide a local service that keeps tourism in the hands of local family run businesses, which best serve to support and maintain regional habits and identity. We are determined and confident of our continued growth based on quality partnerships and a portfolio of genuine holiday options.

We simply make it easier for you to fully experience the local culture and natural beauty during your stay - genuine hospitality and the chance to 'live' something new.
We hope to make your holiday feel like one ‘tailor-made’, collaborating with local people, albergo’s and businesses only - making your visit here both unique and memorable.

 An English run, anglo-italian team, with permanent all year round representation in Italy.
Visit our Photo Library of Italy and Liguria

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